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Yoga Retreat and Teacher Training in Greece

prana flow - shivarea.comWhat is Prana Flow ®? An evolutionary method of embodied transformation and radiant health created by Shiva Rea.

Prana Flow classes are breath inspired journeys that  offer a complete spectrum (hatha) of rhythms from meditative and rejuvenating to the challenging and empowering. The wave of a class is created through cycles of effective and creative sequences (vinyasas) linked together through the breathwave. Every class is well rounded: following the mandala of the body and asanas to create whole body transformation of strength and fluidity, circulation and centering. Drawing on a base of over 27 Namaskars, classes offer a means to explore the fullness of one’s self from solar to lunar while being centered in the flow of breath.formation professeur de yoga

Prana Flow cultivates:

Specifications and advantages in following the Yoga Teacher Training

at the Institute for Personal Growth


KNOWLEDGE formation professeur de yoga

Knowledge gained as part of this training goes well beyond the number of teaching hours. This course is based on 30 years of training and teaching experience at the Institute for Personal Growth. More than a simple yoga teaching course, it actually is a global training bringing you into a journey through the whole being. The teaching follows on ancient spiritual traditions, and its philosophical and physical aspects can be applied directly in your own yoga practice, in your professional practice as yoga teacher or health professional, as well as in the reality of our everyday life. Beyond yoga teaching tools, this training provides tools to live your life and every aspects of it in a serene and confident way on a daily basis.



The Institute's curriculum allows teachers and students who have already attended a module or a workshop to come as teacher's assistant in these workshops or modules free of charge in order to review the content, carry on learning, go deeper into their own personal practice and teaching techniques. The assistance program consists in assisting the main teacher in the logistical tasks of a workshop and in assisting students attending the sessions. This allows a deeper and free continuing education which is unique .



The training course includes 4-day modules (Friday morning to Monday afternoon) as well as intensive 2.5-day workshops. Students can start the Yoga Teacher Training course at any time of the year, beginning with either a 4-day module or a 2-day workshop. Students can follow the training at their own pace. For more information on the next training sessions and workshop dates, please check our calendar.

formation professeur de yoga



Lodging and boarding are available on-site, thus contributing to a serene atmosphere for retreats, community work as well as intensive and focused studies in the calm surroundings and inspiring hills of Knowlton, Brome Lake the Eastern Towships of Quebec.


TEACHING HANDS-ON ASSIST AND ENHANCEMENTS at the physical and energy levels

On top of a detailed teaching of yoga postures and the anatomy related to these  postures, the training covers the assistance and interventions applicable in the physical and energy aspects of each asana. formation professeur de yoga




Our establishment is recognized by both the federal and provincial government as an educational establishment giving professional training and workshops allowing the development and the improvement of labour and business productivity. The costs of the training and workshop is tax deductible. .  If your employer is subject by the government to pay to its employees continuing training and education, your employer could cover the cost of all workshops taken within our program



CERTIFICATION - The training leads to a professional 200h, 300h or 500h Prana Flow certification, a Yoga Alliance certification recognized in North America and throughout the world.

Veronique Dumont - Whistler BC

Photo: Martin Belleau -

Veronique Dumont
photo - christian lemay



Christian has over 15 years’ experience in the sports therapy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation domains, both in hospital environments and in the field of sports. He’s a graduate of the Osteopathy Teaching Institute, College of Higher Studies in Somatherapy and Sherbrooke College in the Vertical, Cervical and Lombar Stabilisation Program.

Christian focuses particularly on the well-being of the physical body and the human being as a  whole. As well as running his own clinic, he teaches anatomy at Quebec’s Osteopathy Teaching Institute and at the Institute for Personal Growth as part of the Yoga Teacher Training Course, and is a regular participant in the Institute’s program.


Vinyasa of the Elements

 Earth - Water - Fire - Air - Ether


 To become grounded with the earth’s energy and connect with the universal life energy of Prana to harmonize your body as a whole and manifest yourself fully into the world.


2.5 days intensive workshop


 Healing - Vitality


 To receive healing and vitality within your physical body, to nurture your connection to the universal consciouness in order to move with the flow of your life with confidence and strength.


2.5 days intensive workshop



 Tending your Inner Fire


 To anchor and ignite your inner fire within your chakras (energetic centers) to manifest yourself fully in the world.


2.5 days intensive workshop


Women’s Yoga Retreat

 A unique retreat experience to awaken the energies of Shakti, the universal feminine creative energy, in all its aspects: healing, vitality and passion (Saraswsati), creation and transformation (Shakti), inner strength and courage (Durga), abundance and fulfillment (Lakshmi).


2.5 days intensive workshop


Men’s Yoga Retreat


 A unique retreat experience to awaken and anchor the energies of Shiva, the universal masculine energies of consciousness, in all its aspects: creation and sustaining of life energy (Vishnu), transformation (Shiva), strength and courage (Hanuman).


2.5 days intensive workshop



 Anchoring Prana Flow Bakasana family sequences and the mandala of asanas. The art of assisting and enhancing asanas. Variations and specifics of surya namaskar in Prana Flow.

Anatomy: the squeletic system.


4-day training module



 Anchoring Prana Flow Natarajasana family sequences and the mandala of asanas.

 The dancing warriors.

Anatomy: the muscles.


4-days training module


Anchoring Prana Flow Dhanurasana family sequences and the mandala of asanas.

Variations and specifics of chandra namaskar in Prana Flow.

Energetic anatomy: the nadis, pranayamas, meditation in movement. Ha-Tha, the principles of lunar and solar energies in yoga and in Prana Flow sequences.

Anatomy: the cardiovascular system.

4-days training module



 Anchoring Prana Flow Bhujapidasana and Visvamitrasana family sequences and the mandala of asanas.  Hand balancing lab and core activation in Prana Flow.

Anatomy: common pathologies in students and specific population.


4-day training module




 Anchoring Prana Flow earth, water, fire, aire and ether sequences with lunar and solar peak asanas, as well as the namaskars of the elements, bhumi namaskar, jala namaskar, agni namaskar, hridaya namaskar and akash namaskar..


5-days training module



Anchoring Prana Flow space sequences with lunar and solar peak asanas and the energetics of the chakras as well as the specific namaskars muladhara namaskar, swadhishtana namaskar, manipura namaskar, anahata namaskar and the integration of all the 7 chakras in a complete flow.


5-days training module



 Anchoring Prana Flow space sequences with lunar and solar peak asanas and the energetics of the rasas, the juice and vitality of life. Namaskars in mandalas.

Introduction to ayurveda.


4-days training module

For the schedule of each module and workshop

 go to our calendar page.


E-FLow - nataraja
rasa vinyasa
bakasana E-FLOW
chakra vinyasa
terre eau - vinyasa des elements
Shakti - Retraite de yoga pour femmes
Jala VInyasa Yoga
prana yoga
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Yoga Teacher Training

Véronique Dumont is a yoga teacher trainer affiliated with Shiva Rea, and leads the Prana Flow/Prana Vinyasa® teacher training in Canada. 

She has been a professional trapeze and aerial circus artist for the past 20 years, performing and coaching internationally while running her own company, Magik-Art Trapeze.

She has more than 15 years of experience leading workshops at the Institute for Personal Growth, a retreat center in Quebec which offers retreats and transformative workshops for more than 30 years.

In addition to leading the Prana Vinyasa Flow® teacher training in Quebec she also assists Shiva Rea’s teacher trainings on a regular basis in the United States and Europe. 

With her 20 years of music studies as a rich background, she produces and sings mantra CDs for yoga and meditation which hold great success in Yogi-Tunes’ best-sellers chart.  They are enjoyed and played internationally by yoga teachers and practitioners alike.

To receive the complete information document about the Prana Flow Yoga Teacher Training, click here



The core workshop of the Institute’s global program.

This weekend workshop is a profound transformative personal experience to reconnect with the actual source of your inner potential. It includes all philosophy, spiritual knowledge and concrete life tools that are essential for everyone - not only yoga teachers - to manifest the truth of who you are, to be yoga.

3.5 days training module





Anchoring the Prana Flow sequences and energetics of the fluid “sahaja” space, to ignite creativity, spontaneity and vitality of life through the mandala namaskars and yoga trance dance.


3 days training module

sahaja - yoga transe danse
Yoga Retreat in Mexico

For the dates and schedule of each module and workshop

 go to our calendar page.


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